Whizzered Live is TONIGHT. Got any questions for me?

Tonight at 7 ET, I’m hosting the first episode of Whizzered Live.

You’ll hear from Daniel Cormier and other guests, and we’ll talk plenty of UFC 241. I’ll probably say something I regret later; that’s kinda my thing on live shows.

Most importantly, I want YOUR questions.

Leave me a question by calling the Whizzered Hotline at (512) 553-8391. Start out with your name and then leave your question after the beep. The best will be used on the show. You can also call and give me your hottest, most stupendous take on any subject in MMA. If it’s awesome, I’ll use it on the show. If it’s terrible, I might make fun of you.

You can also send me your Q’s by tweeting me @jeremybotter using #WhizzeredLive.

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