Whizzered is a newsletter covering the fight business.

We do not rely on (or want) access to fight promotions or fighters.

We Don’t Do This Stuff:

  • We won’t trick you with headlines that say UFC 242 Full Fight Video Highlights, which is a total asshole move.

  • We won’t make fight predictions. We are bad at them. Everyone is bad at them.

  • We don’t air press conferences or weigh-ins because they are stupid and also because they are viewed by four people.

  • We won’t overwhelm you with an endless stream of cookie-cutter content just so we can embed a video and earn a few pre-roll bucks.

  • We don’t spam or beg for your subscription money. We want you to support us because you want to help us move forward.

We Do This Stuff:

  • We write stories because they are important, not because people will click on the headline.

  • We write about things the media refuses to touch for fear of losing their livelihood.

  • We write without fear of reprisal or loss of access. We write about uncomfortable thing and anger powerful people.

  • We use the tools of journalism and not of speculation.

  • Most importantly, we will fail from time to time, and we will learn and grow and do better.