Colby Covington Didn't Vote for Donald Trump

The UFC’s #MAGA heel has a secret.

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After Colby Covington’s humbling of Robbie Lawler concluded last Saturday, Colby strapped on his red #MAGA hat. He put his UFC interim championship belt over his shoulder.

The Trump brothers, Voldemort and Don Jr., were there. They had front row seats. Everyone in Newark (and everywhere else) hated their guts and their faces and yelled at them every time they were shown on camera; their facial expressions never changed. If they were at all affected by the vitriol, they didn’t show it. They were seemingly focused on important, awesomer things like: Deadlifts. Woodland photo sessions. Beards. Horcruxes.

Thumbs up!

During his post-fight interview, Colby made a tasteless joke about Matt Hughes. It offended me for about 21 seconds, which is the point in time I realized:

  1. Sure, it was tasteless, but Matt Hughes is an asshole, so.

  2. It wasn’t funny.

  3. This is why he does the schtick. He wants to make you mad so you’ll pay money to see someone beat his ass. It’s the whole point of the gimmick.

You know how I know it’s a gimmick?

Colby Covington didn’t vote for Donald Trump.

👀👀👀 Our biggest sale yet!!

Covington didn’t vote for anyone in 2016.

He’s never voted for anyone. Ever. He’s never registered to vote.

I know this because I’ve spent a lot of time looking through voter registration databases for every state Covington has resided in since he left California for Oregon State University. There was no record of him ever registering to vote. Once I felt certain I wasn’t overlooking any hidden records, that I’d made all the phone calls I needed to make, I reached out to Dan Lambert (Covington’s manager and the best pro wrestling heel manager of the past decade) and asked him if Colby wanted to comment for this story. A few hours went by. I didn’t expect much of a response, if any, but I got one.

Boy, did I.

Yes, Colby wanted to comment.

I’m including it in its entirety below. We’ll loop back later this week and open a discussion thread for subscribers to discuss this story.

When reached on Wednesday morning, a Trump administration official declined to comment, citing an unfamiliarity with the President’s thinking or knowledge of the story. I’ll update with any official comments the White House relays.

Well I’ll be damned. Finally we have a story that isn’t fake news. You are correct. I have never registered to vote in my life.

I have hated politics and politicians for as long as I can remember. I have always found them to be liars and hypocrites, seeking nothing but to further their self interests in the name of public service. 

I openly admit that I felt the same way going into the 2016 election. While I was certain that Hillary was a fraud, I was likewise skeptical of now President Trump and the promises he was making. How could I not be, especially in light of the media‘s portrayal of him and his agenda?

No, I did not register to vote in 2016 or any election prior to that. I did not trust President Trump at the time and have never been a fan of members of either side of the aisle. 

And then it happened. Against all odds and with just about about every card in the deck stacked against him, including many uncooperative members of his own party, the guy started delivering on his promises. He began to make America great again. 

I am blown away at the success he has had in the short time he has been in office. I shudder to think of just how far along we would be if he was treated even close to fairly by the media and the occupants of the swamp in Washington D.C.

I began to support our President when I realized he was a true man of the people, looking to make our country great for all of us instead of using the office for his personal gain. The support is growing stronger by the day as he continues to deliver on his promises.

I will be registering to vote in the 2020 election and do my part to ensure this man finishes the job he has started. 

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