Podcast: Jeremy on Whizzered, UFC & the Media, More

In case you need something else to do on a day with three fight cards scheduled: I joined Josh Nason’s excellent podcast today to talk about:

  • The original idea for Whizzered in 2017 and how/why it evolved into what you’re currently reading.

  • The UFC’s relationship with the media, including my own history with Dana White.

  • Why I think Whizzered gained attention from readers from the start

  • Why Dana pretends to not care about the media when he’s actually consuming everything written about the UFC.

  • Which MMA publications and writers I still read on a daily basis.

  • My thoughts on The Athletic’s foray into MMA and why I’m a fervent supporter of their product.

  • My forthcoming book on Conor McGregor.

  • And more.

Give the show a listen and be sure to follow Josh on Twitter. His podcast has excellent theme music, but his conversations with folks in MMA are the real star of the show. They’re worth listening to, especially this show devoted to the launch of The Athletic’s MMA vertical and this one with John Pollock on GSP, the media and more.

You can listen to the episode via the player above or at its home on WrestlingObserver.com.