UFC 247 is here, and people are being dumb again.

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Okay! Let’s talk about the only fight at UFC 247 anyone cares about!

WHEN DOMINICK REYES WALKS into the Octagon in a few hours, he’s going to believe he is about to shock the world. It will be true belief, I’m sure. Reyes will feel it and believe it way deep down in his gut: I am going to beat Jon Jones.

Reyes isn’t the only one who’s picking himself to win. I corresponded with an alarming number of you who told me they either picked Reyes, or bet on him. A couple of media friends are all in on Reyes, too, and I didn’t get it.

But I think I do now. Here’s what he said this week to ESPN:

That's why he's not ever going to be on the Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali level. No matter how many wins he gets, no matter how many titles he wins, he can't get out of his own way.

He's just not a good person.

The last sentence is everything.

I know many of you feel the same way. I can’t argue that point. As I’ve written here before, it is true that Jones is kind of a dick, and he makes a lot of bad decisions outside the cage, but none of that has any bearing on what he has accomplished, or how good he is right now.

You can root for Jon to lose all you want, but when you say Jon has never faced anyone like Reyes, or that his team found a weakness in Jon’s game during camp, I can’t talk to you as I would a serious person.

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